A fast, intuitive, privacy-focused facial recognition tool for auto-tagging people in pictures.

Finding images of specific people in your DAM can be frustrating. You can manually enter the person’s name in the record to make searching easier, but that’s slow and labor-intensive. FaceRecognizer makes tagging people fast and easy by levering an advanced AI engine. Auto-tagging people in photos with facial recognition saves time and effort.

Easy to Use

FaceRecognizer’s interface is simple and intuitive. Faces are automatically identified and grouped. Enter names that match the faces, and people in new images are tagged with the correct name. It’s that simple. If a face in a new image is not already identified, you can match it to a name at any time. If some faces aren’t clear, you can manually tag them with an existing name or add a new name.

Privacy Focused

Many organizations are righty concerned about sending matched named and faces to a public cloud service. FaceRecognizer uses an AI facial recognition engine dedicated just for your organization, so you have complete control over the level of privacy. No other organizations can “see” the images and matched names. Deploy the AI engine on your own on-premise server or in a cloud server dedicated to just your organization.

Fixed Cost. No “Pay Per Face” Pricing

Other facial recognition services charge you based on the number of images, the number of faces detected and analyzed, and other image processing steps. This makes estimating your costs difficult. FaceRecognizer provides unlimited facial recognition for a fixed fee. This makes pricing predictable and more affordable.

Save time and get better search results with FaceRecognizer. Find out more or request a demo.


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