See fine details quickly and easily

ZoomA  lets you quickly see fine details in your assets stored in your DAM system.. ZoomA can be used with any asset for which a preview is generated so you can use it to quickly zoom in on a wide range of asset types.

Standard preview without ZoomA

Standard preview.

Zooming-in to see fine detail with ZoomA.

Zooming-in to see fine detail with ZoomA.

ZoomA is fast because it transfers only those parts of the image that you’re viewing. This way even huge images can be viewed quickly and conveniently over the web. The images are automatically prepared using a background scheduler process that effectively turns your DAM into a deep zoom image server. The administrator has full control over which assets are made “zoomable,” as well as the maximum zoom size.

Uses for ZoomA include:

  • Engineering or medical imagery
  • Fine art/photographic image galleries
  • Examination and review of photography and graphic design
  • Image selection process
  • On-line document archive
  • Any application where you want to provide an engaging and exciting user experience

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