S3 Connector

Faster Cumulus downloads, anywhere in the world

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a flexible cloud-based file storage service that lets you store and retrieve any amount of photos, videos, documents or other types of data anytime from anywhere. It’s a cost effective way to put assets close to the people who need them. It lets you reduce download times and the bandwidth costs that can result from storing the assets inside your own facility.

Downloading large files can be slow if you’re far from where the they’re stored. The speed of internet connections slow down as the distance increases. By storing copies of your assets in the Amazon S3 cloud, users are never far from the files they need.


Search and then download from S3, quickly and seamlessly from anywhere in the world. You can choose to store assets locally that are strictly for internal use, while storing only the assets you want to share with external users on S3. Files are distributed securely, with access limited to only authorized users.

The S3 Connector lets you connect to an unlimited number of S3 facilities. If your users are spread over a wide geographic area, it ensures that every user is able to download files from the S3 facility nearest to them for the fastest access to the assets.


  • Cost-effective cloud storage and global file distribution
  • Reduce download times for remote users
  • Minimize bandwidth costs and bottlenecks when compared with storing assets inside your own facility
  • Secure file distribution without the risks posed by public cloud and CDN (Content Delivery Network) solutions
  • Users automatically download files from the closest server

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