Professional Services

Consulting & Configuration

Defining and optimizing your workflows can be a daunting task. Even if you can envision the system you want, where do you begin? We provide help and guidance from the very start.

How do you create a system that meets the needs of marketing, creative, and business operations? At Modula4, we know how to bring these groups together to define requirements and develop a plan.

Our consulting services include:

Define Goals – We get everyone on the same page. Aligning expectations across roles and departments takes away the guess work.

Workflow Analysis – We evaluate how your needs and design a workflow process that is efficient and flexible.

Configuration & Testing – We configure the system to support your specific business needs and manage testing to make sure those needs are met.

Deployment Planning – We manage the system launch to ensure a smooth “go-live” process.


Proper training is the best way to take advantage of your digital asset management and publishing workflow system. Training for administrators and users is available with every system we deploy. We even provide training for programmers who want to customize their solutions themselves.

All training is specific for each client. You’ll be trained on your system, with the exact configurations and infrastructure in place. In addition to providing initial training when the system is deployed, we also offer several types of follow-up training to allow administrators to develop more advanced skill or bring new users quickly up to speed.

The training we offer includes:

Administrator Training – Access the full power of your system. We’ll thoroughly train your administrator so that they can perform basic troubleshooting, set categories and assign permissions.

End User Training – Each key individual will receive the proper training to fit their needs.

Developer Training – We’ll give your programmers the tools they need to further customize solutions independently.

Integration & Customization

Our products offer a wide range of features. But sometimes your workflow requires a specific feature or specialized integration. Beyond configuring your system and using standard integrations, our programmers can write custom code to meet your exact needs.

With our customizations you can:

Add specialized features and functions – We can add virtually any feature or function to ensure that the solution meets your needs.

Automate processes – If your workflow requires specific repetitive tasks, we can automate them to reduce errors and make your staff more efficient.

Integrate key systems – When you have multiple systems that need to share the same data, we can provide custom integrations that let your systems to work together.

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