Request, Approval and Quality Control for your Marketing Assets

Veriflies is a cloud-based tool that simplifies how global brands work with their agencies. It automates the process of requesting, approving, managing and tracking your marketing assets such as images and graphics. It performs quality control on assets at the time they are submitted, avoiding needless delays and costly mistakes. In addition to global brands, Veriflies benefits any organization that requests new assets from internal or external sources such as photographers and designers.


A convenient dashboard means you always know the status of each request. And the reporting features lets you see which agencies are the best performers.

Veriflies is a 100% cloud-based solution so there is no software to buy, install or maintain. It integrates with you digital asset management (DAM) system to ensure that only approved assets are available for use.

Who’s it for?

  • Global brands working with multiple agencies
  • Any organization that requests new assets from internal or external sources such as photographers and designers


What Veriflies let’s you do:

  • Create image request and monitor progress of responses
  • Automatically ensure that submitted files meet technical and metadata specifications, and rejects those that don’t
  • Manage final approvals
  • One-click ingest files and metadata directly into your DAM
  • View reports on responsiveness and accuracy for each submitted asset


  • Quality Control: Ensures the quality of assets and metadata before they are ingested, avoiding costly mistakes
  • Efficient metadata entry: Metadata starts with asset requests and follows all the way through to the DAM
  • Tracking & Reporting: View reports on the progress of the asset requests & submissions
  • Seamless integration with your DAM: One-click ingest from Veriflies into your DAM
  • Cloud-based: Nothing to install or maintain

Download the Veriflies white paper.

An integration between Veriflies and Canto Cumulus is currently available. Integration with other DAM systems are available upon request. Get more information.