The Best Cumulus Replacement:
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NetX, a leading digital asset management (DAM) platform, is the best Cumulus replacement. It lets you find, download and share your valuable digital assets. Granular permissions ensure that you have control over the assets each user can see and access. NetX integrates with virtually any other system and lets you seamlessly sync work-in-progress projects or other custom workflows. It’s based on open standards, and all NetX features are available as either a cloud service or on-premise system.

Intuitive User Interface

NetX’s user experience requires minimal training. Users adopt the basic functions and workflow options quickly. They are continually focused on user interaction and ease-of-use. This methodology improves the user experience by making it more intuitive, learnable, and consistent.

Both the “power user” interface and the self-service “brand portal” feature a modern, intuitive design, and are both based on HTML5. This allows NetX to offer fast performance and responsive design for any device.

Advanced Search Engine

The NetX architecture features lightning fast search, automatic indexing, saved searches, granular targeting, faceted search. With a highly optimized database for internal and external asset data, the search engine is embedded directly within the application. Administrators have control over a range of parameters for managing search to fit the needs of any organization.

Robust Video Support

For rich media formats such as video, NetX allows you to “see” and interact with your asset file from within the user interface, generating keyframe images, and “proxy” videos for previews and playbacks. NetX supports the Open Source Media Framework video player; so video playback is available on just about any video-capable device, including tablets and mobile.


NetX offers many options for automated, rule-based, and ad hoc asset sharing and distribution. For enterprise teams, DAM means publishing, collaborating, sharing and syndicating … not simply a file server. With a full Web Services API, assets stored in the NetX platform can go literally anywhere, controlled by your own permissions, triggers, and parameters as necessary.

Extensible Framework

NetX is built from the ground up with an open and scalable architecture. System integration, outbound publishing, security, data management and web services are common requirements with every NetX deployment, whether SaaS or On-Premise. A Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables integration with just about any modern application — E-commerce, CMS, ERP, CRM, production databases, Adobe Creative Suite — you name it. In most cases NetX can integrate with it via a full Web Services API.

Flexible Deployment Options

NetX is available in a wide variety of deployment options including on-premise, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, also known as Cloud) hosted by NetX or SaaS hosted by a third-party (i.e. Amazon, Rackspace). It can also be deployed in a hybrid configuration with an on-premise system for managing work-in-progress assets, and a cloud system for quickly delivering assets anywhere in the world.

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