CI Hub

Your all-in-one connector for DAM

CI HUB is the leading platform to connect assets living within your DAM to native creative apps, empowering you to work smarter and deliver faster. The CI Hub Connector lets you seamlessly integrate your DAM system with the leading content design and creation tools. It’s available for Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects & InCopy), Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, WordPress, Sharepoint and more.

By keeping your assets in sync between your DAM and the applications you use everyday, the CI Hub Connector helps your team streamline the creative process while staying consistent in the use of all your brand assets. 

CI Hub NetX Connector

Features & benefits of CI Hub Connector include:

  • Drag & drop assets and metadata
  • Full text, faceted and “find similar” search
  • Document check-in / check-out with version control
  • A list view of where assets have been used
  • Automatically update links and fix broken links to places assets

Learn more about how Modula4 with CI Hub can streamline your workflow, contact us.

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