Content Delivery Hub

Deliver digital assets quickly and reliably.

Content Delivery Hub (CDH) acts as an intelligent caching system between users and applications. As a cloud-based solution, CDH is able to deliver digital assets such as images, videos, documents, and metadata, quickly and reliably.


  • Always deliver the most current files
  • Since your DAM system acts as a “single source of truth“ CDH ensures that outdated data is not used and storage (and the cost) isn’t wasted. 

  • Optimized image preparation
  • Specifying standard conversions makes the transfer and delivery of data from your DAM system to CDH even faster.

  • Easy to manage
  • Because management of the assets is performed in the DAM, only minimal maintenance is needed for the assets within CDH.

  • High reliability
  • CDH operates independently of the actual DAM system, so assets continue to be delivered reliably even in the event of a DAM system failure.

  • Automatic synchronization
  • If an asset is changed in your DAM system, all files and metadata available in CDH are automatically updated.

  • Highly resilient
  • Server resources can be fine-tuned to provide consistently high performance to global users.

  • On-the-fly conversions
  • In addition to the standard conversions, CDH can generate additional formats on-the-fly, which are then cached. You save storage space since only what you actually need remains in the cache.

Many formats of your assets are needed again and again for specific exports, such as for web stores. CDH generates these required standard conversions automatically during transfer to the cache. This saves you time and recurring manual effort.


  • Adjust size
  • The adjustment of the target sizes is done automatically in pixels. Width and height remain proportional.

  • Choose file formats
  • Flexible conversion to all common formats: CDH converts your assets as needed into JPGs, AVIFs, PNGs, WebPs, and any other required formats.

  • Select quality
  • Quality adjustment of your assets’ formats is based on the requirements of common parameters.

  • Smart storage
  • The smart storage system makes maintenance and exports much faster, while ensuring the highest level of reliability.

  • Flexible cropping
  • Image cropping can be defined in advance, or customized via URL parameters.

Learn more about Content Delivery Hub by contacting Modula4, or visiting the Content Delivery Hub site.

To find out more contact Modula4 or visit the Content Delivery Hub site.