End of Cumulus Support FAQs

Q: What is happening with Cumulus?

A: Canto has announced they are ending support for Cumulus Workgroup and Entry on Dec. 31, 2022, and for Cumulus Enterprise Dec. 31, 2023. Until then, Canto will continue to provide bug fixes but will not provide any new feature enhancements.

Q: Can I still use Cumulus after official support ends?

A: Yes. Cumulus will continue to work. However if your technical environment changes, Cumulus could stop functioning. And if a bug appears that impacts how you use Cumulus, Canto won’t fix it. In general, it’s not recommended to use software if the publisher is no longer offering bug fixes or security patches.

Q: Is Canto’s new DAM service the same as Cumulus but hosted by them in the cloud? 

A: No. Canto’s cloud service is a completely different system with no direct relationship to Cumulus

Q: Since official support for Cumulus ends in 1-2 years, what are my options?

A: Whether the best option for your organization is to extend the life of your Cumulus system or move to a new DAM system, either on-premise or in the cloud, depends on your specific needs. Modula4 can help you find the best path forward. If your priority is ensuring that existing customizations and integrations can be adapted to a new system, or if budget or new features are most important, we offer a range of solutions. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you manage this transition. 

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