Canto Cumulus

The market leading Digital Asset Management software

Modula4 is a global leader in providing DAM solutions based on Canto Cumulus. Cumulus makes it easy to quickly organize, find, share, and track your ever-increasing number of files: photos, logos, presentations, videos, MS Office, Adobe, Quark, or any other digital files.

Canto Cumulus is a time-tested solution, with over 25,000 Cumulus servers licenses sold with millions of active users.


Cumulus makes your valuable digital assets available and searchable by subject matter, author, campaign, product, or any other tag or metadata field. There’s no limit to the number of files you can manage.

Cumulus is based on open-APIs and standards (such as Java and SOAP) that make it exceptionally customizable and easily adaptable to any work environment. Modula4 has an expert team of developers and service professionals who can can integrate Cumulus with virtually any system and tailor the features and user interface to meet just about any need.

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“After Modula4 helped us to implement Cumulus to manage our digital assets, I don’t know how we survived before. I truely can’t see how any design group can function without a digital asset management system.”

Richard Williams, Jafra Cosmetics International