Canto is ending support for Cumulus Entry and Workgroup in 2022 and Cumulus Enterprise in 2023. Modula4 has developed a migration tool and an onboarding process to make moving from Cumulus to NetX as simple as possible.

NetX is the Best Alternative to Canto Cumulus

NetX is a full-featured DAM system with all the flexibility of Cumulus and more. It’s a modern product with an easy to use interface. NetX is available on-premise or as a cloud (SaaS) service. It’s used across all industries including universities and museums. NetX is a powerful Cumulus replacement.

Expert Canto Cumulus Migration

As the leading Cumulus integrator we can help you with every aspect of digital asset and data migration from Cumulus to NetX. 


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Easily replace Cumulus with NetX

As Canto ends support for Cumulus, Modula4 is here to help. We’ve developed a migration tool and process that makes migrating from Cumulus to NetX as simple as possible. 

Fast & simple data transfer

Modula4 automates most of the process of migrating Canto Cumulus catalogs to NetX. Our tools and process automates creating custom fields, user settings, and permissions. 

Expert migration services

At Modula4 we are both Canto Cumulus and NetX experts. Our deep knowledge of both systems lets you migrate from Cumulus to NetX as quickly and stress free as possible. 

Competitive upgrade pricing

Modula4 has worked with NetX to develop special discounts for Canto Cumulus users. This makes migrating to NetX a more cost-effective choice for owners of Cumulus than other DAM systems. 

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“Thank you for the excellent training you provided. You went the extra mile to make sure that we understood all aspects of  our system.”

Christa V. Marks, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California