ImageMagick Asset Processor

Convert and resize files on the fly

ImageMagick Asset Processor allows you to use ImageMagick with your Cumulus system. You can manipulate and convert your images using commands and formats that aren’t built-in to Cumulus. It’s open source software proven be one of the most complete solutions for picture conversion and manipulation.

Features of our ImageMagick Asset Processor include:

  • Fully integrated into Cumulus
  • Ability to convert from and to over 95 formats, including BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG – even PDF, EPS, EPS2, JP2, SVG, TGA, PCD, and ICO
  • Support for both vector and pixel graphics
  • Widest variety of capabilities to modify your picture data:
    • Resolution
    • Size
    • Cropping
    • Tone value
    • Contrast
    • Gamma correction
    • Add soft focus effects
    • Add frames and borders
    • Flip and rotate
    • … and much more

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“After Modula4 helped us to implement Cumulus to manage our digital assets, I don’t know how we survived before. I truely can’t see how any design group can function without a digital asset management system.”

Richard Williams, Jafra Cosmetics International