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Modula4 CTO to Speak at DAM Summit on Cumulus Customizations

Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner will be leading  a session titled “Beyond Configuration: Custom Solution Success Stories” at the Canto DAM Summit Americas. The conference is being held in New York City on  May 9 & 10. In this session Michael will show how Cumulus can be tailored to address your organization’s exact needs, and he’ll present examples of solutions Modula4 has created for their clients.

Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein will be joining Michael at the event. Attendees can schedule a time to meet with the Modula4 executive team using this form.

Modula4 is Gold Sponsor of Canto DAM Summit Americas

Modula4 is participating in the Canto DAM Summit Americas as a Gold Sponsor. The conference, which is being held in New York City May 9 & 10, is focused on delivering Cumulus customers and digital asset management experts insightful case study presentations and workshop discussions.

The Modula4 executive team of CEO Jon Hornstein and CTO Michael Gellner will be attending. At the event they will host a breakout session titled “Beyond Configuration: Custom Solution Success Stories.” In this session they will show how Cumulus can be tailored to address your organization’s exact needs and present examples of solutions Modula4 has created for their clients.

Attendees can schedule a time to meet with the Modula4 executive team using this form.

Saab Media Portal Launched

The Saab Media Portal has been launched. The portal provides public access to a selection of images representing the  Saab  group.

Modula4, working with Swedish partner Gothia, created the portal using the Ember application framework and the Canto Integration Platform (CIP). The underlying database is Canto Cumulus, with CIP providing a layer of high-level APIs to the functions within Cumulus.

To learn more about custom media portals, contact Modula4.

Meet Modula4 Management Team at Henry Stewart DAM LA

Modula4’s management team, CEO Jon Hornstein and CTO and co-founder Michael Gellner, will be attending DAM LA, the Henry Stewart digital asset management conference in Los Angeles, Nov.  12 & 13.

Jon and Michael will set aside time while at the conference to meet with clients and those interested in learning more about  Modula4 and its offerings. It’s a great opportunity for those based in Southern California or in-town for the event to meet with Modula4’s top management.

Now in its 13th year, DAM LA conference brings together DAM users, vendors and independent experts. There are a variety of conference tracks addressing various aspects of DAM planning, deployment and use.

To schedule time to meet with the Modula4 management team, contact Modula4. Visit the Henry Stewart DAMNY event page to learn more about the conference and to register.

2imagine Introduces ENGAGE, Get Started in Less Than a Day

Modula4 partner 2imagine has introduced ENGAGE, a version of their popular online document editing system that simplifies the on-boarding process so organizations can become more productive almost immediately.

2imagine streamlines the creation, editing, and approval of branded and formatted documents  by providing online editing of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents. Staff members without design skills can quickly and easily create finished, well designed documents, such as publications, marketing material and packaging. Permissions controls insure that the final documents consistently adhere to brand and design guidelines.

ENGAGE provides a pre-configured brand portal with a simplified method of preparing assets and documents. The focus is on simplicity, return on investment and getting up and running quickly.

2imagine is demonstrating ENGAGE in a free webinar on the following days and times:

Thursday, Sept. 24th: 4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific)
Thursday, Oct. 1st: 4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific)

Register here.

Learn more about the 2imagine browser-based document editing system. 

Canto Releases Cumulus X

Modula4 partner Canto has just announced the release of Cumulus X (10), the latest version of their market-leading digital asset management (DAM) system.

Major enhancement include the introduction of Portals, a new interface that allows unlimited read-only access, and the all new Mobile App that offers complete DAM functionality on iOS devices. Other improvements include an update to the Canto Integration Platform (CIP), which provides APIs into Cumulus. The latest version of CIP includes a broader range of commands and improved performance.

With Cumulus X, the Portals interface replaces Sites, the previous publishing interface. The new Cumulus Mobile App replaces the older Mobile Client, and is now included with all editions. With the newest version of Cumulus, Canto has also expanded the already extensive number of supported file formats.

Learn more about Cumulus or contact Modula4 for more information.

NetX 8 with HTML5 and Brand Portal UIs Now Available

Modula4 partner NetX has released a new version of their powerful and flexible Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, NetX 8.

This version includes a brand new HTML5 interface which integrates a broad range of features and functionality into one easy-to-use interface. The redesign is clean, modern, and significantly increases efficiency for everyday workflows and tasks.

The new interface maintains consistency throughout the system, so the actions menu and layout of the application remain the same no matter what workflow the user is performing. This significantly reduces the time needed to master the application and perform daily tasks.

In addition, NetX is also introducing its new “X7” platform, the JavaScript framework on which the new UI is built. X7 is a framework which will allow any NetX client to create their own theme for the application, using a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript. The framework provides a range of customization options, from simple style modifications, to a fully customized interface.

Version 8 continues NetX’s goal of user adoption through easy to use, intuitive UI components.

Learn more about NetX.

Contact Modula4 to schedule a demo. 

Reporting & Analysis Tool Now Supports Permissions

Modula4’s Reporting & Analysis Add-On now gives administrators control over the types of reports users can run, and which saved queries each user is allowed to access.

This new permissions feature can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Give users access to only saved queries to hide the power and complexity of the tool from ordinary users.
  • Limit the types of reports that can be generated  base on the permissions assigned.
  • If the system is managing assets for various departments or external clients in an “agency model,” permissions can be set so  users can only run or create queries that are relevant to their assets, users and activities
  • If using the agency model, some personnel can be given permission to create queries (on assets, users and activities relevant to them) and limit other users to only view these saved queries.

These are just a few  examples of the power and flexibility available with permissions-based reporting. The Reporting & Analysis Add-On is simply the most powerful and flexible reporting tool available of any DAM system.

Learn more about the Reporting & Analysis Add-On.

Contact Modula4 to schedule a demo.



New Case Study: Modula4 Helps Alchemy Systems Streamline Workflow

Modula4 has just released a new case study about how they helped their client Alchemy Systems develop a more efficient workflow.

Alchemy Systems helps leading brands create front-line worker expertise in the food industry and establish a safer and more productive workforce with an innovative technology suite. Modula4 helped Alchemy Systems improve their workflow by making sharing files between offices faster, reducing the cost of storing videos and the time it takes to process videos, providing greater security and rights management for their assets and creating a central asset repository for the entire organization.

Read the case study.

Modula4 Partners with Netx

Modula4 is now partners with Netx, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform developer. Modula4 will resell their product, also named Netx, and provide services, customizations and integrations for it.

Netx is an enterprise-class system that offers a variety of deployment options. The options include using it as a cloud service in Netx’s own secure hosting environment, in third-party clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure, or on-premise. Hybrid solutions, combining on-premise asset management and cloud distribution is also available.

NetX is based on open standards, with the ability to integrate into a wide variety of technology environments. It deploys on virtually all platforms (Windows, Linus & Mac), works with major databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and Postgres), most popular applications servers and authenticates with LDAP directory services such as Active Directory. For additional flexibility, you can choose from a wide variety of image and video processing engines to meet specialized needs.

To learn more visit the Netx  product page or contact Modula4 to schedule a demo.

“I have not found another product on the market that can offer the type of features and flexibility that I get with Modula4’s web module.”

Heather Gulyash, Digital Asset Manager at Sandbox Studios