Canto Releases Cumulus X

Modula4 partner Canto has just announced the release of Cumulus X (10), the latest version of their market-leading digital asset management (DAM) system.

Major enhancement include the introduction of Portals, a new interface that allows unlimited read-only access, and the all new Mobile App that offers complete DAM functionality on iOS devices. Other improvements include an update to the Canto Integration Platform (CIP), which provides APIs into Cumulus. The latest version of CIP includes a broader range of commands and improved performance.

With Cumulus X, the Portals interface replaces Sites, the previous publishing interface. The new Cumulus Mobile App replaces the older Mobile Client, and is now included with all editions. With the newest version of Cumulus, Canto has also expanded the already extensive number of supported file formats.

Learn more about Cumulus or contact Modula4 for more information.