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Modula4 Expands, Adds Office in New York City 

To better serve our customers nationwide we’ve opened an office in New York City. As we gain more clients on the East Coast and in the Midwest, our new office lets us better serve these customers and gives us more opportunity to meet with them in person.

The New York office is located in Manhattan at 157 Columbus Ave., New York, NY 10023. The phone number is +1 (646) 687-5490. Our US headquarters remains in the San Francisco Bay Area, located in San Rafael, Calif.

New Partnership, Acquisition in Australia

Modula4 has formalized our partnership with Work-in-Progress (WIP), a Cairns-based DAM consultancy with a focus on Canto Cumulus. WIP provides support, consulting, and technical services for Modula4 customers in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region. WIP also offers Modula4 products and customizations to its own clients. WIP Director Robert Krause has previously worked for DataBasics, Modula4, and Canto.

In more news from Down Under, we’ve acquired the assets of Aimtec, a DAM reseller and developer based in Greensborough,VIC. Previously a Canto Certified Platinum Partner, Aimtec established market-leading capabilities in digital asset management and in particular, developing customized DAM systems around Canto Cumulus. Aimtec has delivered solutions to some of Australia’s top corporations and government agencies. It’s also the developer of ZoomA, a tool that lets users quickly see fine details in assets managed by Cumulus. All of Aimtec’s products and contracts are now owned by Modula4.

New Key Hire in Berlin

Lutz Heymann, formerly of Heymann Consulting, has joined Modula4’s Berlin, Germany office as a Senior Consultant. With his deep DAM experience and extensive Cumulus product knowledge, Lutz helps support our growing client base in Germany and throughout Europe. Lutz assists Modula4 customers with strategy, training, configuration and other services, allowing them to get the most from their Canto Cumulus systems. 

Plan Now or Pay Later: Article by Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner featured in Journal of Digital Media Management

The article “Plan Now or Pay Later: Sustainable Design Ideas for Digital Asset Management” co-authored by Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner and David Diamond, author of The DAM Survival Guide is featured in the latest edition of the Journal of Digital Media Management.

Appearing as the lead article in Volume 7, No. 1 (Autumn, 2018) of the journal, “Plan Now or Pay Later” provides guidance to organizations when determining which processes to automate in their DAM system to get the biggest return in time and cost savings. This allows them to maximize the usability of their DAM systems by removing repetitive manual task without making the them needlessly rigid.

The Journal of Digital Media Management is the major peer-reviewed, professional journal for anyone involved in the capture, storage and effective application of digital media assets.

Copies of the article can be downloaded here.


New auto-tagging feature now included with the DAM4 Platform

Modula4 has introduced AI Auto-Tagging,  a new feature of the DAM4 Platform. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), auto-tagging analyzes images to suggest metadata tags. Tags are based on what appears in the image as well as what’s inferred from the context. It also identifies the dominant colors.

AI Auto-Tagging is powered by Clarifai, the leading AI image tagging service. Clarifai offers a free tier of service, with packages available for high-volume tagging. Clarifai uses their advanced machine learning system to evaluate millions upon millions of image to build its ever-expanding reference base.

AI Auto-Tagging is also available in a Custom Edition which lets you use your own images to train the image recognition and tagging. This fine-tunes the image analysis and tags to the specific needs of your organization.

AI Auto-Tagging is included with the DAM4 Platform, and available as an add-on to Cumulus when purchased separately.

You can learn more about AI Auto-Tagging here or by contacting Modula4.


Email Order System Pro now available for Portals

Modula4 has announced that their popular Cumulus asset ordering system Email Order System Pro (EOSP) is now available for the Portals web interface. Originally available as an option for Modula4’s Web Module and Canto Sites, the Portals version retains the ease-of-use and functionality of the versions previously only available for the other Cumulus interfaces.



With EOSP users simply fill out a form to have assets delivered to them via email. The flexible forms are easy to create. An intuitive admin interface makes it simple to set-up and manage. EOSP offers multilingual support and includes an extension that lets administrators find the requested assets using the Cumulus admin client. Learn more by visiting the EOSP product page or contact Modula4 to request a demo.

Veriflies: Quality Control For Your Marketing Assets

Modula4 is now offering Veriflies, a cloud-based tool that simplifies how global brands work with their external agencies. Veriflies automates the process of requesting, approving, managing and tracking your marketing assets such as images and graphics. It performs quality control at the time the assets are submitted, avoiding needless delays and costly mistakes. In addition to global brands, Veriflies benefits any organization that requests new assets from internal or external sources such as photographers and designers.

Veriflies is a 100% cloud-based solution so there is no software to buy, install or maintain. It integrates with you digital asset management (DAM) system to ensure that all assets undergo quality control before they go into the DAM. As a result, only approved and complete assets become available for use. Veriflies also provides a dashboard for monitoring the progress of requests and approvals. The reporting feature  gives an accurate picture of the efficiency of the agencies providing the assets.

Learn more about Veriflies. You can download the white paper or contact Modula4 to schedule a demo.

Modula4 Adds New Key Team Members

Modula4 is pleased to announce that we’ve recently expanded our staff, adding the following key team members:

Juan Visperas, Senior Account Manager
Juan joins us from Canto where he has worked since 1998, minus a few years elsewhere. At Canto he helped clients get the right system, and stay happy with it over the long-term.

Steffi Kahra, UX Designer
As an independent consultant Steffi has used her UI/UX and design experience to help clients such as Sony, the World Wildlife Fund, T-Systems, McCann-Erickson, and . . . Modula4!. Now as a staff member of Modula4, Steffi will help ensure that the user experience of our products and customizations are second to none.

Learn more about Juan, Steffi and rest of the Modula4 team. 

Modula4 CTO to Speak at DAM Summit on Cumulus Customizations

Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner will be leading  a session titled “Beyond Configuration: Custom Solution Success Stories” at the Canto DAM Summit Americas. The conference is being held in New York City on  May 9 & 10. In this session Michael will show how Cumulus can be tailored to address your organization’s exact needs, and he’ll present examples of solutions Modula4 has created for their clients.

Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein will be joining Michael at the event. Attendees can schedule a time to meet with the Modula4 executive team using this form.

Thanks, as usual, for all your help. It’s so nice to hand things over to you and know that it will be done properly, expertly and with no problems.

Christi Thomsen, Port of Long Beach