Veriflies: Quality Control For Your Marketing Assets

Modula4 is now offering Veriflies, a cloud-based tool that simplifies how global brands work with their external agencies. Veriflies automates the process of requesting, approving, managing and tracking your marketing assets such as images and graphics. It performs quality control at the time the assets are submitted, avoiding needless delays and costly mistakes. In addition to global brands, Veriflies benefits any organization that requests new assets from internal or external sources such as photographers and designers.

Veriflies is a 100% cloud-based solution so there is no software to buy, install or maintain. It integrates with you digital asset management (DAM) system to ensure that all assets undergo quality control before they go into the DAM. As a result, only approved and complete assets become available for use. Veriflies also provides a dashboard for monitoring the progress of requests and approvals. The reporting feature  gives an accurate picture of the efficiency of the agencies providing the assets.

Learn more about Veriflies. You can download the white paper or contact Modula4 to schedule a demo.