Modula4 announces Content Delivery Hub: Deliver Files Directly to Websites from your DAM

Modula4 is pleased to announce the launch of Content Delivery Hub (CDH), a cloud-based system that delivers files from your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system directly to web pages quickly and reliably. CDH prepares files specifically for its intended destination. Using intelligent caching between users and applications, CDH ensures the most recent version of a file is delivered as efficiently as possible.

CDH is ideal for e-commerce sites, brand portals, and marketing, public affairs, and museum sites as well. Virtually any image-intensive web site can benefit from CDH. And it’s not only for websites. It also works with 3rd party systems needing files & metadata from your DAM on a high performance, high reliability basis. These include Product Information Management (PIM), inventory management, and health record management systems.

With CDH, images are processed in the DAM. This means only minimal maintenance is needed for the assets within CDH. It also adds a high level of reliability. Since CDH operates independently of the DAM system, assets continue to be delivered even in the event of a DAM system outage. And it reinforces the DAM’s role as the “single source of truth.” If an asset is changed in your DAM system, all files and metadata available in CDH are automatically updated.

Beyond just images, CDH can also deliver original, unprocessed files such as PDFs. And CDH can also deliver any metadata associated with the asset in your DAM. This supports dynamically creating websites, and populating fields with important information in 3rd party systems.

Features include the ability to specify size, format, conversion quality, and cropping. File formats supported include JPGs, AVIFs, PNGs, WebPs, and many more. Image cropping can be defined in advance, or customized via URL parameters.

To learn more visit the Content Delivery Hub product page, or contact us.