Modula4 Selects NetX as Preferred Cumulus Replacement

With Canto ending support soon for the Cumulus DAM (Digital Asset Management) system, Modula4 has selected NetX as the preferred Cumulus replacement for their customers.

Canto will no longer provide support or updates (including security fixes) for Cumulus Entry and Workgroup beyond 2022 and Cumulus Enterprise beyond 2023. That means organizations that use Cumulus should be actively looking for a new DAM system.

NetX is a highly configurable, full-featured DAM. It’s a modern product with an intuitive interface. NetX is available as an on-premise system or as a cloud (SaaS) service. It’s used by leading brands across all industries, including universities and museums. NetX has been a leader in the DAM market for more than 20 years.

To make migrating from Cumulus to NetX as quick and trouble-free as possible, Modula4 created a Cumulus2NetX tool and process. Important tasks are automated. This ensures that your files, data, metadata structure, permissions, and workflows are properly exported from Cumulus and seamlessly imported into NetX.

Learn more about why NetX is the best Cumulus replacement.

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