Web Module 3: The fastest Web Interface for Cumulus 8

With the newest version of our time-tested module we present you t the fastest Cumulus 8-compatible Web interface. The Web Module 3.0 offers two new add-ons and countless improvements.

What’s most significant is the drastically accelerated speed using optimized network technology and improved caching. Now the Web Module is the fastest Web interface for Cumulus, which will make work a whole lot easier, especially when dealing with substantial amounts of data or faulty Internet connections.

Additionally, we have polished up the design. The Web Module offers a clearer overview and so, is more convenient to use.
We left out pop-ups just for this purpose.

The new version supports multilingualism. By default, it comes with English, German, Spanish and French language packages. Other languages are easily added either as an adjustment from us or from one of our partners.

The new version of the Web Module requires Cumulus 8.

Thanks to the thoroughly revised architecture of version 2.5, the Web Module 3.0 already contains ourImageSorter and the eCommerce Add-On.

Want to find out more about the new Web Module? We’re happy to help.