5 Awards for Modula4

Continuing its annual tradition, Canto once again presented awards to the best partners at the Canto Partner Meeting 2010 in Berlin. Modula4 caused a sensation by being the first partner to scoop up awards in five categories.

We are particularly proud to announce that our ImageSorter Add-On was named “Most Innovative Product” of the year 2009. The add-on is a new development that revolutionizes image searches, assembling image groups by color value, brightness, and content. Click here to learn more about ImageSorter.

As a successful Cumulus reseller, we also received the award for the biggest turnover in 2009. This award, like the ones mentioned below, is only given out for the United States, the key market for digital asset management in terms of volume and importance. However, we were also the most successful global Cumulus seller in the past year.

The award for the highest rate of support contract renewals is an indicator for our clients’ satisfaction – which is also reflected by our turnover. We won our fourth award this year for the highest increase in renewal rates over the past three years.

Last, but not least, Canto presented us with the award for the longest-standing Canto partner, thus acknowledging our many years of experience and our consistently high-quality work.

We are very proud to have received these awards, which motivate us to keep up our innovative approach and our commitment to our clients’ needs.