Reporting & Analysis Tool Now Supports Permissions

Modula4’s Reporting & Analysis Add-On now gives administrators control over the types of reports users can run, and which saved queries each user is allowed to access.

This new permissions feature can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Give users access to only saved queries to hide the power and complexity of the tool from ordinary users.
  • Limit the types of reports that can be generated  base on the permissions assigned.
  • If the system is managing assets for various departments or external clients in an “agency model,” permissions can be set so  users can only run or create queries that are relevant to their assets, users and activities
  • If using the agency model, some personnel can be given permission to create queries (on assets, users and activities relevant to them) and limit other users to only view these saved queries.

These are just a few  examples of the power and flexibility available with permissions-based reporting. The Reporting & Analysis Add-On is simply the most powerful and flexible reporting tool available of any DAM system.

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