Picturepark Launches DAM Educational Initiative

Modula4 partner Picturepark is launching a new digital asset management educational initiative. Using the hash tag #LearnDAM the initiative is intended to make it easier to find useful, unbiased information on DAM products and practices. By searching Google, Twitter or other social networks for the unique #LearnDAM hashtag, DAM professionals can now more easily spot and re-share materials assumed to be focused on digital asset management education and not commercial agendas.

“Google doesn’t always get it right when it comes to filtering out nonsense,” said Picturepark global marketing director, David Diamond, who won the 2013 “DAMMY of the Year” for his educational contributions to the DAM industry. “DAM vendors and others with established websites typically rank higher in search results, even when the content they offer isn’t the best. We’re hoping #LearnDAM helps level the playing field so those who want to find these materials can find them.”

Picturepark has several new DAM educational initiatives planned for 2014. The company has already created several DAM education programs including DAM Guru, the “Learn DAM” website resources and as well as offering copies of David Diamond’s ebook “DAM Survival Guide” at no cost, all of which provide guidance that is unbiased and non-vendor specific.