Canto Releases Cumulus 9.0.2

Canto has announced the release of Cumulus 9.0.2, the latest update to its market-leading digital asset management software. Cumulus 9.0.2 represents the second incremental release since version 9 debuted in late October 2013, marking a shift from historically lengthy development cycles to more frequent software releases.

Cumulus 9.0.2  includes new additions to the Cumulus Web Client which enable customers to:

  • Work with asset relations – variants and alternatives can now be viewed and edited in the Cumulus Web Client as well as contained assets.
  • More responsive UI elements to make full use of larger screens.
  • Work with a customized toolbox that automatically adapts to user’s specific roles.
  • Apply metadata templates to files.

To learn more about Cumulus 9.0.2 please visit here.