Latest Picturepark Release Offers Hybrid Search

Modula4 partner Picturepark has released an update to its DAM system that features faster searches, the ability to rank results and other enhancements. To improve search speed, Picturepark 8.6 now features a “NoSQL” indexing layer on top of the underlying SQL database. This approach offers the advantages of extremely responsive searches coupled with the stability and scalability of an enterprise-class database.

In addition, search results are now ranked by relevance. Picturepark administrators can “weigh” the importance of each metadata field so that each customer can choose field matches that are most relevant to them. The complete contents of PDF, Word and other document formats are now searched with no perceivable impact on performance.

Picturepark 8.6 also delivers improved video playback. Users can jump to any position in a video for immediate playback. This allows users to add video cue points that work like bookmarks. Each cue point includes its own metadata, enabling users to find specific video locations in addition to complete videos. Users can click any cue point to instantly move to that section of the video and begin playback.

Additional improvement enhance asset sharing and permissions management as well as various backed improvements, including support for Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS 2.0).

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