Modula4 Announces Amazon S3 Connector for Canto Cumulus

Modula4 has just released the S3 Connector for Cumulus, a new product that integrates Cumulus with the Amazon S3 cloud. Now images, graphics, videos and documents managed by Cumulus can be downloaded quickly by users anywhere in the world. Put assets close to the people who need them. Reduce download times and the bandwidth costs that can result from storing the assets inside your own facility.

With the S3 Connector for Cumulus you can choose to have some assets stored locally and others stored in the Amazon cloud. When used with multiple instances of Amazon S3, users will be able to download assets from the Amazon data center closest to them.

The S3 Connector for Cumulus comes in Single and Multi editions. The Single edition is used with just one Amazon S3 location. This is ideal for getting the assets outside your own facility in order to cut down on bandwidth costs and bottlenecks when delivering assets to external users. The Multi edition has all the benefits of the Single edition but also lets you store the assets at an unlimited number of Amazon S3 location. This provide fast downloads to users no matter where they are located. You can even upload different assets to each S3 location, so only assets relevant to the region are available from that location.

To learn more about the S3 Connector for Cumulus visit here.