Canto Releases Cumulus 9

Modula4 partner Canto has announced the release of Cumulus 9, the latest update to its flagship digital asset management (DAM) software. Cumulus 9 features an all-new web browser experience, added content sharing features and significant improvements to boost server performance.

Cumulus 9 offers a range of new features and updates, including:

• New Cumulus Web Client UI – a new web client user interface satisfies demands for a consumer-based user experience, while maintaining robust functionality behind the scenes.

• Upload Links – Cumulus users may send upload links to any outside collaborator, photographer, videographer or freelancer to drag and drop files directly into Cumulus, without needing a Cumulus account.

• RoboFlow UI – newly updated workflow management user interface improves system administrator’s user experience.

• Video Cloud – a newly available hosted video conversion and streaming service. Additional fees apply.

• Server performance improvements – routine updates expected with new software releases are also included – up to 30% faster server performance during early testing.

Cumulus 9 is available now from Modula4. If you have questions about Cumulus 9 please contact us here.

Even after using Cumulus for years, you showed me new ways we can use it that should really improves our work flow and save an incredible amount of time.

Adam Hunter, LMN Architects