New Picturepark Demo Features Ports, Asset Classes

Modula4 Partner Picturepark has released an all-new live demo that features the company’s new Ports and Asset Classes technologies. While browsing asset metadata, users will see that the available fields differ depending on the class of content. Also visible is HTML-formatted metadata that includes live external links. Demo accounts are created by the company’s third-party marketing software, which shows how Picturepark’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) can make integrations possible without coding.

The new port-based Picturepark demo is now live. Some of the benefits of the new environment include:

  • Easier to use and understand
  • Faster performance worldwide
  • Extensive use of Asset Classes (see the metadata for “webinar” and “advertising” assets for examples)
  • Examples of HTML-enhanced metadata for live links, bold text, etc. (check the DAM Survival Guide record for an example)
  • Search results that are more in line with expectations

Try the new Picturepark demo by using the form below.