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Modula4 Now Offering Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for Tablet Publishing

Modula4 is pleased to announce that it is now offering the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) for publishing to tablets, such as the iPad and Android devices. The Adobe DPS lets traditional publishers as well as corporate marketing departments, retailers, universities, government agencies distribute, cutting-edge interactive content and publications for tablet devices.

When used with WoodWing’s Enterprise Publishing Platform, a multi-channel publishing planning and workflow management tool, the Adobe DPS offers a complete, highly efficient solution for publishing apps for the iPad and Android devices. Seamless integration with WoodWing makes compiling, distributing and tracking tablet apps through the Adobe DPS a one-click process.

In addition to offering the Adobe DPS and WoodWing’s Enterprise platform, Modula4 also provides planning assistance, set-up and training for all aspects of tablet publishing. You can learn more about the products and services for tablet publishing offered by Modula4 here.

Free Webinar: Web Module 3.5 – The Powerful Interface for New Canto Cumulus

If you use Cumulus you need to see this demonstration of Web Module 3.5, the fastest and most flexible Web interface for Canto Cumulus. Web Module 3.5 has many powerful new collaboration tools that give you greater control for sharing collections of assets internally, with partners and with the public. It also allows your users to upload assets with controlled metadata and to edit metadata, even in bulk.

Jon Hornstein and Michel Gellner of Modula4 will also show examples of customer sites that illustrate the wide range of possibilities for customizing the Web Module with new features, branding and a customized user interface.

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT

Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now by visiting:

Managing Video in Cumulus

Learn how to manage videos in Cumulus more effectively

In this webinar Modula4 demonstrates Video Module, an add-on product for Canto Cumulus. Video Module automatically creates streaming previews of videos at the time they are ingested and allows you to add comments based on time code. The webinar also features of demo by NVISION and North American Corporation of a portal created using Video Module for their client, Simmons Bedding Company.


Viewing Notes: For the best viewing experience, once the video starts playing switch to “full-screen” mode by clicking on the right-most icon in the player window.

Free Webinar: Managing Video in Cumulus – A Case Study

Learn how Modula4 utilized Cumulus and their Video Module to help a leading Marketing Supply Chain services company, NVISION, deliver a dealer portal to a key customer, Simmons Bedding Company. NVISION is a division of North American Corporation.

David Levine & Daniel Sax of North American Corporation and NVISION respectively will demonstrate the Simmons portal and highlight key aspects of the solution. Jon Hornstein and Michael Gellner of Modula4 will show other examples of how Modula4 can create solutions for managing video with Cumulus.

Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now by visiting:

Image-Based Searching and Sorting in Cumulus

Image-based Searching and Sorting in Cumulus

View this webinar to learn how to find images in Cumulus more quickly and easily.
In this webinar Modula4 demonstrates ImageSorter and Image Search, add-on products for Canto Cumulus that let you find images based on visual content such as color, brightness, saturation and shapes. ZoomA, the fastest way to enlarge images in Cumulus will also be featured.


Viewing Notes: For the best viewing experience, once the video starts playing switch to “full screen” mode by clicking on the right-most icon in the player window.

To download the presentation as a PDF, click here.

Harlequin chooses Web Module to distribute its digital asset collection

Book publishing powerhouse Harlequin Enterprises has deployed Canto Cumulus and Modula4’s Web Module to organize, track and distribute its massive digital asset collection.

Web Module, the fastest and most powerful web interface for Cumulus, provides global distribution and 24/7 access to Harlequin’s marketing, editorial and overseas partners. Harlequin uses Cumulus to manage the assets of some 35,000 projects annually and over a half-million assets in total. The material includes art images, text and cover PDFs, production archives and author photos.

To learn more about Web Module, visit here.

To download a PDF of the case study describing Harlequins use of Web Module and Canto Cumulus, visit here.

Free Webinar: Image-based searching and sorting in Cumulus

Learn how to find images in Cumulus more quickly and easily. Join our webinar to see demonstrations of ImageSorter and Image Search, add-on products for Canto Cumulus that let you find images based on visual content such as color, brightness, saturation and shapes. ZoomA, the fastest way to view fine detail in images within will also be featured. The webinar will be held August 10 at 10 am Pacific.

Space is limited. To register visit:

Introducing ImageSorter for Cumulus Native Client and Sites

Modula4 announced today the release of ImageSorter for Canto Cumulus Native Client and Cumulus Sites. ImageSorter lets Cumulus users instantly sort images based on visual content such as color, hue, brightness and shapes. This method of visual searching allows user to quickly sort through the large number of images that can result from text-based searches.

“There’s no faster or easier way to search for images in Cumulus,” said Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “Previously available only to users of Modula4’s Web Module, we’re glad to now make ImageSorter available to all Cumulus customers.”

ImageSorter works by comparing the thumbnails of assets inside Cumulus. Thumbnails are grouped on a virtual light table that enables users to zoom, pan and make selections. ImageSorter can sort any file that displays a thumbnail in Cumulus, including PDF, InDesign, QuarkXPress, CAD and others.

ImageSorter detects and considers watermarks and other graphical elements, too, enabling users to sort on those attributes. Cumulus metadata values can be used to filter results, so users can limit results to, say, CMYK TIF files that have been approved for use.

ImageSorter is available from Modula4 and other Canto partners worldwide. Contact Modula4 via its website for pricing ( or by calling 415-869-8645 x1. ImageSorter will be featured in a Modula4 webinar in August. Register here to reserve your seat.

To learn more about ImageSorter, view a video about it and seen an online demo visit here.


Web Module 3.1 Released

Modula4 announced today the release of Web Module 3.1, a significant update to the most popular third-party Web interface for the Canto Cumulus platform.

“The Web Module has always offered a fast and flexible Web interface alternative for Canto Cumulus users,” said Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “But this new release offers unprecedented image search and preview power that has never before been available for Cumulus.”

In addition to improvements in design and performance, new file sharing links offer easy access to any file or group of files, and watermarking and other image processing instructions are supported. Administration is also made easier with the main settings now all accessible in a single window.

Web Module is now available bundled with ZoomA from Aimtec. ZoomA allows users to zoom-in on images and documents to see fine details without having to load the entire file. Only the part of the file being viewed is loaded. In this way, even extremely large files are quickly and conveniently accessed over the Web.

ImageSearch lets you quickly find and browse similar images.

Web Module is also available bundled with ImageSearch, a new product from Modula4 that allows users to find similar images based on visual content. Visual searching dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to find the right image. Keywords and other metadata can be used to refine the visual searches to further speed-up the process of finding the right image.

“The Web Module architecture enables us to combine technologies like the ZoomA preview add-on from Aimtec, and our own ImageSearch, to provide entirely new capabilities for Web-based Cumulus users,” said Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner. “Under the hood, we’ve revamped the core code for an even better user experience, and greater compatibility with current and future versions of Cumulus.

You can view a video that demonstrates Web Module 3.1 with ZoomA and ImageSearch here.

Web Module and ImageSearch are part of a suite of products developed by Modula4 that add new features and enhancements to Canto Cumulus. Other products from Modula4 provide streaming video previews, e-commerce capabilities, advanced image processing and more. Modula4 is a Canto Certified (Platinum) Partner.

Web Module 3.1 is available now with special ZoomA and ImageSearch bundle pricing. ZoomA and ImageSearch are available separately to current customers of Web Module who upgrade to Web Module 3.1. For ordering information contact us.

“What a great experience we had with your integrator. His professionalism and expertise made the installation and setup of our system extremely fast and easy.”

Galen Harrison, Washington University of St. Louis