Modula4 Releases Web Module 3.5

Modula4 announced today the release of Web Module 3.5, a major update to its popular interface for Canto Cumulus, the market-leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. Web Module 3.5 allows users to ingest digital assets and edit metadata, as well as check for duplicates and delete assets.

“Web Module has always offered the fastest and most flexible Web interface for Canto Cumulus,” said Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “This new release is a significant leap forward. Now Web Module 3.5 can support the needs of many read–write users.”

Other new features in Web Module 3.5 give users the ability to collaborate and share assets with greater flexibility. Users can now share their collections based on groups or permissions assigned in Cumulus. They can also create a permanent link to an editable collection, ensuring that the link will always lead to a collection of the most appropriate assets. For example, a persistent link can always lead to a collection of the “newest” assets.

The new release of Web Module includes a “prefiller” that allows Cumulus administrators to require specific metadata fields be completed before a new asset can be ingested.

“Web Module 3.5 update is a great example of how Modula4’s talented team of Canto Cumulus developers continually leverages the Cumulus API to offer fantastic new options to customers,” said Canto CEO Ulrich Knocke.

Along with the release of Web Module 3.5, Modula4 introduced the Web Module Productivity Pack. This add-on to Web Module adds features that make the read-write capabilities of Web Module even more efficient by allowing asset ingest, metadata editing and asset deletion to all be performed in bulk.

“With drag and drop bulk ingest, the Web Module Productivity Pack brings to Web Module capabilities beyond what’s available in other Cumulus Web interfaces,” said Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner. “Web Module now offers features that were previously only available in the Cumulus native client.”

Web Module 3.5 and the Web Module Productivity Pack are part of a suite of products developed by Modula4 that add new features and enhancements to Canto Cumulus. Other products from Modula4 provide streaming video previews, e-commerce capabilities, advanced image processing and more. Modula4 is a Canto Certified (Platinum) Partner.

Web Module 3.5 and the Web Module Productivity Pack are both available now. For ordering information contact visit here or call 415-869-8645 x1. Web Module 3.5 requires Cumulus 8.5 or newer. The Web Module Productivity Pack requires Web Module 3.5 or newer.

A video tour of Web Module 3.5 and additional information can be found at