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Free Webinar: Image-based searching and sorting in Cumulus

Learn how to find images in Cumulus more quickly and easily. Join our webinar to see demonstrations of ImageSorter and Image Search, add-on products for Canto Cumulus that let you find images based on visual content such as color, brightness, saturation and shapes. ZoomA, the fastest way to view fine detail in images within will also be featured. The webinar will be held August 10 at 10 am Pacific.

Space is limited. To register visit:

Introducing ImageSorter for Cumulus Native Client and Sites

Modula4 announced today the release of ImageSorter for Canto Cumulus Native Client and Cumulus Sites. ImageSorter lets Cumulus users instantly sort images based on visual content such as color, hue, brightness and shapes. This method of visual searching allows user to quickly sort through the large number of images that can result from text-based searches.

“There’s no faster or easier way to search for images in Cumulus,” said Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “Previously available only to users of Modula4’s Web Module, we’re glad to now make ImageSorter available to all Cumulus customers.”

ImageSorter works by comparing the thumbnails of assets inside Cumulus. Thumbnails are grouped on a virtual light table that enables users to zoom, pan and make selections. ImageSorter can sort any file that displays a thumbnail in Cumulus, including PDF, InDesign, QuarkXPress, CAD and others.

ImageSorter detects and considers watermarks and other graphical elements, too, enabling users to sort on those attributes. Cumulus metadata values can be used to filter results, so users can limit results to, say, CMYK TIF files that have been approved for use.

ImageSorter is available from Modula4 and other Canto partners worldwide. Contact Modula4 via its website for pricing ( or by calling 415-869-8645 x1. ImageSorter will be featured in a Modula4 webinar in August. Register here to reserve your seat.

To learn more about ImageSorter, view a video about it and seen an online demo visit here.


Web Module 3.1 Released

Modula4 announced today the release of Web Module 3.1, a significant update to the most popular third-party Web interface for the Canto Cumulus platform.

“The Web Module has always offered a fast and flexible Web interface alternative for Canto Cumulus users,” said Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “But this new release offers unprecedented image search and preview power that has never before been available for Cumulus.”

In addition to improvements in design and performance, new file sharing links offer easy access to any file or group of files, and watermarking and other image processing instructions are supported. Administration is also made easier with the main settings now all accessible in a single window.

Web Module is now available bundled with ZoomA from Aimtec. ZoomA allows users to zoom-in on images and documents to see fine details without having to load the entire file. Only the part of the file being viewed is loaded. In this way, even extremely large files are quickly and conveniently accessed over the Web.

ImageSearch lets you quickly find and browse similar images.

Web Module is also available bundled with ImageSearch, a new product from Modula4 that allows users to find similar images based on visual content. Visual searching dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to find the right image. Keywords and other metadata can be used to refine the visual searches to further speed-up the process of finding the right image.

“The Web Module architecture enables us to combine technologies like the ZoomA preview add-on from Aimtec, and our own ImageSearch, to provide entirely new capabilities for Web-based Cumulus users,” said Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner. “Under the hood, we’ve revamped the core code for an even better user experience, and greater compatibility with current and future versions of Cumulus.

You can view a video that demonstrates Web Module 3.1 with ZoomA and ImageSearch here.

Web Module and ImageSearch are part of a suite of products developed by Modula4 that add new features and enhancements to Canto Cumulus. Other products from Modula4 provide streaming video previews, e-commerce capabilities, advanced image processing and more. Modula4 is a Canto Certified (Platinum) Partner.

Web Module 3.1 is available now with special ZoomA and ImageSearch bundle pricing. ZoomA and ImageSearch are available separately to current customers of Web Module who upgrade to Web Module 3.1. For ordering information contact us.

Search, zoom and share with Web Module

Modula4’s Web Module has always been the fastest, most flexible Web interface for Canto Cumulus. With the introduction of Web Module 3.1, Modula4 has added significant new features and options.

New file sharing links allow you to easily share any file or group of files. Administration is made easier with all the main settings now accessible in a single window. Web Module 3.1 is available bundled with ZoomA from Aimtec, the fastest and easiest way to see the smallest details in you images and other graphics. Also available bundled with Web Module 3.1 is ImageSearch, the visual search tool for Cumulus. Visual searching is the fastest way to find and browse images that look similar.

Watch the video to learn more about Web Module 3.1 as well as ZoomA and ImageSearch.


Canto Cumulus 8.5 Now Available

Canto has announced the release of Cumulus 8.5, a major upgrade to the company’s digital asset management product line. Among the new features and capabilities new to Cumulus 8.5 are native support for metadata in more than 20 languages, and improvements that make automated workflow control easier and more powerful.

Users can see and search for metadata in their native language, and options are available for translators and others who need to work with multiple languages. In addition to metadata values, virtually all aspects of Cumulus can be localized, including category, layout and template names, and help messages.

Offering a new option for file distribution, Cumulus can create PDF contact sheets that include direct download links behind each thumbnail. Downloads can be originals, or variants processed on-demand using watermarks and other options. All file types are supported.

Workflow automation options have been added to drive advanced production chains, such as creating asset variants, copying files to remote locations for backup or publishing, applying metadata templates and changing permissions.

Metadata edits can be validated against rules that ensure email addresses and other structured values are properly formatted before a record is saved.

Cumulus administrators have control over account settings, which helps standardize installations, and reduces confusion for users. Administration duties can also be assigned to “deputy” administrators, enabling organizations’ departments to manage their own users.

Improvements made to the Cumulus Vault, the product’s version-control engine, virtually eliminate any performance difference between Vault file transfers and standard network transfers. A new OS-based central asset storage option makes direct Cumulus access from within InDesign and other production applications easier.

64-bit support is available for the Cumulus Server for Windows, Mac OS (Intel) and Linux; the Cumulus Java Classes; the Cumulus Scheduler; Cumulus Sites and the Cumulus Web Client.

Current Cumulus customers with active service agreements can receive the software upgrade at no additional cost. Purchased upgrades are available to customers out of contract.

To purchase Cumulus 8.5 or upgrade to it from a previous version, call Modula4 at 415-869-8645 or email us directly.

Modula4 Joins WoodWing as Reseller Partner

Modula4, a leading provider of publishing workflow and digital asset management solutions, has joined forces with WoodWing Software as a partner and reseller. In this role, Modula4 will help bring WoodWing’s solutions to a wide range of the publishing market.

“Modula4 has an excellent track record of providing digital asset management solutions to a host of industries,” said Shawn Duffy, Managing Director of WoodWing USA. “Publishing systems are a perfect complement to the digital asset systems they’ve been providing to their customers for years, which is why we’re confident this partnership is going to be a huge success.”

Founded in 2004, Modula4 has offices in San Francisco and Berlin. The company provides workflow solutions for clients in a wide range of industries – everything from advertising to education.

“We signed on with WoodWing because they’re a leader in the field of publishing systems, and now they’re leading the way in tablet publishing as well,” said Jon Hornstein, CEO of Modula4, noting that there are now more than 250 tablet apps available worldwide that use WoodWing’s Tablet Publishing Solution.

Hornstein said that in addition to serving customers in traditional publishing markets, Modula4 will also be bringing WoodWing’s solutions to clients in the areas of retail, marketing, media, entertainment, government and higher-education.

“Publishing might not be the sole activity of these organizations, but all of them have departments that make them publishers to some degree,” Hornstein said. “We believe that virtually every organization can benefit from WoodWing’s solutions, not only professional publishers.”.

About Modula4
Modula4 ( is a leading provider of publishing workflow and Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. Founded in 2004 and with offices in San Francisco and Berlin, Modula4 provides complete workflow solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries, including advertising, publishing, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, education and government.

About WoodWing
WoodWing Software, with 90 employees, was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in The Netherlands. WoodWing creates the most progressive solutions available on the market for the production of print, online and tablet publications. Rapid growth worldwide and success across the full spectrum of small to large publishers demonstrate that WoodWing markets the best tools for the best price. WoodWing’s customers include renowned magazine, newspaper and book publishers, as well as communication agencies and corporate customers. WoodWing Software is located in Zaandam, The Netherlands, and has regional sales companies for Europe, the USA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Customers are served through select partners. More information is available on the Web at WoodWing is on Twitter at

Newsday: Smoother Workflow with Cumulus

Solving ad management challenges at a leading newspaper

Tight deadlines make asset management at newspapers a challenge. Canto Partner Moksa worked with Newsday to implement Cumulus to help manage image assets for their display ads.

Using Modula4’s Prefiller Module and an assortment of customizations, Newsday can be sure that only assest with the proper metadata can only be ingested into Cumulus. This ensures smooth workflow and avoids delays. Watch the video to learn more.



Publish to the iPad with WoodWing

WoodWing Digital Magazine Tools

As a publisher, you want to publish your content to tablet devices like the iPad using your current staff, skills and infrastructure. WoodWing’s Digital Magazine Tools is a complete solution for both the creation as well as the distribution of your apps and content.

Tablets allow publishers to display immersive and attractive content, to reconnect to their readers, and to develop new revenue streams.

WoodWing’s Digital Magazine Tools allow publishers to easily create an interactive digital magazine and to distribute it via a Reader app. You will see that creating such a magazine is done in almost the same way as creating one for print. Watch the video to learn more.


Jon Hornstein New CEO of Modula4

Modula4 Inc., a leading provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Hornstein as CEO. Jon brings 18 years experience as both a provider and customer of DAM products and services. Markus Bohunovsky, the outgoing CEO and co-founder, will remain with Modula4 through the end of the year to assist in the transition, and will serve as a consultant to the company thereafter.

“We are extremely excited to be starting this new chapter at our company,” says Michael Gellner, co-founder and CTO of Modula4. “Jon is an accomplished DAM industry veteran who places a high value on technical excellence, client service and providing practical, cost-effective solutions. His experience in sales, marketing and business management will allow Modula4 to reach new levels of growth while maintaining its commitment to client satisfaction.”

Established in 2004, Modula4 is the world’s largest independent reseller and integrator of Canto Cumulus, a market leader in DAM software. With offices in San Francisco and Berlin, Modula4 provides complete DAM solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries including advertising, publishing, manufacturing, reatail, entertainment, education and government.

In addition to reselling Cumulus and providing integration, training, consulting and customization services, Modula4 also publishes its own modules for Cumulus, which extend the functionality of the core software product. These modules are offered for sale by Modula4, Canto and other Modula4 resale partner.

“Modula4 has become synonymous with technical expertise and unparalleled customer support. I’ll be building upon that tradition. says Jon Hornstein. “Virtually every organization needs a Digital Asset Management system but many don’t have them. This offers a tremendous opportunity for Modula4. With our expertise in all aspects of Digital Asset Management, experience across several major industries and reputation for providing excellent customer support, Modula4 is well positioned to gain a larger share of customers who are seeking DAM solutions and to help grow the market.”

Jon most recently served as the Director of NASA Images at the Internet Archive. There, in cooperation with NASA, he lead a group that created the largest repository of NASA media available from a single site. Earlier Jon was General Manager of Erickson Productions, a stock media agency, and Vice President of Strategy of the Digital Media Solutions Group at iXL, a media and e-commerce consultancy. Prior to joining iXL, Jon was the founding Director of Technical Services at Canto.

“Jon is the ideal person to lead Modula4 forward,” says Markus Bohunovsky. “He’s a strategic thinker who never loses sight of the importance of providing value and excellent customer service. I’m confident I’m leaving the company in good hands and look forward to working closely with Jon during this transition period.”

After we implemented Modula4’s S3 Connector, the download times were vastly reduced for all of our worldwide locations.

Steve Kent, Digital Asset Manager at Benefit Cosmetics