Training Session: Unlocking Advanced Features in Cumulus

Cumulus is a powerful and versatile tool for managing your digital assets. While most organizations deploy Cumulus to perform important tasks, it’s often under-utilized. Learn about advanced settings in Cumulus to add new capabilities and increase the return on investment in your Cumulus system.

This training session will introduce you to some of the best practices and advanced features in Cumulus: In it, you will learn how to:

– Organize metadata to make search results more relevant

– Use metadata templates to speed-up and enforce proper metadata entry

– Manage permissions so each users only sees and access the assets they need

– Use tools like the Scheduler and Triggers to automate tasks

– Create Formula Fields which can be used to highlight missing metadata, display the number of times a records has been viewed and much more

While each of these features and best practices provide benefits individually, they can be combined to support:

– Approval workflows

– Rights Management

– File distribution

– Asset archiving

Whether your goal is to have Cumulus do the tasks it currently performs in a more complete or automated way, or you want to put it to entirely new uses, this training course will start you on the path getting the most out of your Cumulus system.

Who this training is for: Cumulus administrators who wish explore some of the advanced features and concepts for configuring Cumulus.

When: Wednesday, Oct. 29
10 am – 12 pm Pacific (1 pm – 3 pm Eastern)

Cost: $150

Class size is limited to 12 attendees.

To sign-up for the training session visit here.

Note: This is group training. There will be time for Q&A but if you are seeking individualized training please contact Modula4 about customized training and consulting sessions.