Modula4 Updates Cumulus Reporting & Analysis Tool

Modula4 has announced the release of Reporting & Analysis 2.0, a major update to its popular reporting tool for Canto Cumulus. The newest version of Reporting & Analysis features the ability to create custom reports through an intuitive user interface.

Reports can be created showing a wide range of activities such as search terms used, items viewed, items download, and the users who perform these functions, among many others. Reports can be exported as .csv files or as native Excel (.xlsx) files so the information can be imported into external analytics systems and services.

The Reporting & Analysis tool is available for both Modula4’s Web Module as well as Cumulus Sites. Customers of earlier versions of Reporting & Analysis can receive the latest version at no additional cost provided they have a current software maintenance agreement.

For more information about the Reporting & Analysis 2.0 tool for Canto Cumulus visit here or contact Modula4 to schedule a demo.