Picturepark eBooks Now Available without Download Forms

Modula4 partner Picturepark now allows visitors to their website to download its digital asset management (DAM) white papers and eBooks without filling out forms. The company sites increasing global concerns about privacy as a primary motivator for the decision.

Three titles are immediately available for direct download: Enterprise DAM Checklist, DAM Prep in 7 Steps and the Picturepark excerpt of DAM Survival Guide. All future titles will also be available without download forms.

As a matter of policy, Picturepark has never treated downloaders as sales prospects, so the company expects no operational changes as a result of the decision. The few forms that remain on the company’s website are required for requests for which personal contact information is required for contact reasons, such as Picturepark demo account requests and DAM Guru Program memberships.

Picturepark webinar recordings have been available without sign-up forms since 2012.

You can learn more about Picturepark by visit here.

Download Picturepark’s eBooks here.