Cumulus 9.1 with Improved Adobe CS Integration Now Available

Canto has released Cumulus 9.1 featuring improved performance, easier permissions management, more flexible field display and an optional integration with Adobe Drive.

The Adobe Drive Adapter for Cumulus allows customers to search digital assets managed by Cumulus from within InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects, so creative staff can spend more time producing digital content, and less time searching, downloading, uploading, linking and relinking files.

Cumulus 9.1 also adds multiple features to address the growing needs of digital archivists and back-end digital asset management system administrators. Power users can now bulk edit categories and apply metadata templates to save time cataloging massive photo shoots, organizing live event photography and more. Customers can now easily see who has what level of access to any object in Cumulus, making highly granular file permission handling even easier. The new version of Cumulus gives power users greater control over how fields are displayed to everyday users, such as the ability to specify a different number of digits that should display for currencies versus GPS coordinates from geotagged images.

Cumulus 9.1 now includes items that were previously sold as separate add-ons, specifically the PDF Extended Pack, Office Extended Pack, InDesign Extended Pack and Sites Community, thus simplifying installation and improving user experience.

To learn more about Cumulus visit here or contact Modula4.