Picturepark 8.5 Rolls Out Aug. 16th

Modula4 partner Picturepark rolls out the newest version of of its DAM platform to Cloud customers on August 16, with on-premise installers following in a few weeks. Most notable about the release is Picturepark Ports, which are branded or embedded digital asset portals that can be included on website pages and sidebars, intranets and wikis, and virtually any other Web location. Picturepark partners can use Ports technology to develop custom interfaces, press portals, download areas and more for their clients. The Picturepark interfaces in use by Vertu, Belden, Calvin Klein and other Picturepark customers were built on a precursor technology to Ports.

Picturepark 3.5

Also new is the ability to create direct links to downloads or previews of any Picturepark derivative. So, for example, instead of being able to just provide a link to a digital asset, users can choose a derivate that defines a specific format, size, color space, etc. No additional software is required.

Learn more about Picturepark here.