New DAM Education-Focused Website from Picturepark

Modula4 partner Picturepark has rebuilt its website to provide all-new content that’s designed to do more than sell DAM software. Designed to be a useful resource for the DAM community, almost half of the content on the new site is education focused. Among the new site features are a blog (a first for Picturepark), a page that offers tips for conducting DAM software comparisons, information about realistic DAM ROI calculations, and a video that offers valuable advice for those creating DAM RFPs. The website is decorated with photos of Switzerland that were taken by Picturepark employees.

You can visit the site here. 

Thanks, as usual, for all your help. It’s so nice to hand things over to you and know that it will be done properly, expertly and with no problems.

Christi Thomsen, Port of Long Beach