Modula4 Updates its DAM Reporting & Analysis Tool

Modula4 has just released an update to its powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) reporting tool. Reporting & Analysis 2.1 can extract live data from Canto Cumulus and other systems to capture detailed activity information, and perform analytics on the data it gathers. Usage and asset information can be captured from asset catalogs, statistics catalogs, and asset usage history fields.

Coupled with the powerful features already available in the Reporting & Analysis tool, users can now quickly and easily run sophisticated reports that show things such as the number of files ingested or downloaded by type, date, category and user. Data about the assets and all activity is gathered and analyzed no matter which interface is used.

In addition to the ability to capture and analyze additional data, Reporting & Analysis 2.1 also offers improved usability. Designing reports is more flexible and frequently used queries can be saved for later use.

Reporting & Analysis 2.1 is available now from Modula4 and its reseller partners.

Learn more about the Reporting & Analysis tool.