Modula4 Introduces DAM Connect for WoodWing

Modula4 is pleased to announce DAM Connect for WoodWing, an all new integration that links WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing tools with Canto Cumulus and Picturepark digital asset management systems.  DAM Connect is the first WoodWing integration to offer customers a choice of digital asset management (DAM) back ends

Modula4 will show DAM Connect at this month’s WoodWing Xperience in Amsterdam.

“Modula4’s integration gives WoodWing customers the power of a full digital asset management system directly within WoodWing Enterprise,” said Modula4 CEO, Jon Hornstein. “No other WoodWing integration lets customers use the type of DAM system that best suits their needs.”

Access to the DAM system collections is available via WoodWing Content Station or directly from within Adobe InDesign. Users interact with an intuitive search interface designed for DAM integration, so no training is required. Free-form text searching is available for fast keyword matching, and multi-conditional search queries can be presented to users as one-click menu options.

“Modula4’s DAM Connect offers WoodWing customers a choice of SaaS or on-premise DAM back ends. This enables our customers to choose their preferred best-of-breed solution matching their specific requirements – this is the logical continuation of WoodWing’s own product philosophy,” said Shawn Duffy, Managing Director of WoodWing USA. “There’s no doubt that this integration will be welcomed by our customer community.”

Unique to DAM Connect is the ability to search multiple databases and leverage metadata field types other than just text. Layout artists can find images based on expiration dates, license scope and status, approvals and more, even if they don’t have accounts on the connected DAM systems. No more guessing whether placed images are licensed, appropriate or approved for tablet publishing.

DAM Connect is sold through Modula4 and its worldwide partners. You can learn more about DAM Connect for WoodWing here.