Modula4 Customer Survey Coming Soon

Last month Modula4 began sending surveys to users of our technical support service after each issue is resolved in order to get feedback on their level of satisfaction using Modula4 support. Based on the success of that program we will soon send out the first of what will be an annual general survey to all of our clients.

Feedback from customers is the single most important factor that helps us improve our products and services. We make every effort to ensure that the surveys we send are as brief as possible while still comprehensive enough to capture the information we need to better server our clients. If you are our client, please take the time to complete the survey when it arrives so we can get your valuable feedback.

If you want to be sure the survey is sent to you or you want to provide immediate feedback, please visit here and let us know.

“After Modula4 helped us to implement Cumulus to manage our digital assets, I don’t know how we survived before. I truely can’t see how any design group can function without a digital asset management system.”

Richard Williams, Jafra Cosmetics International