Modula4 Acquires Heymann Consulting

Modula4 is pleased to announce that it has acquired Heymann Consulting, a long-time digital asset management (DAM) consultancy and product development company. Modula4 has acquired Heymann’s product line and selected clients.

“I have been working hard to make sure that my current customers will be supported further on by a good partner company of mine and that the current add-on products for Cumulus will be maintained and we both together found a great solution to make sure that you will be supported as normal in the future,” said Lutz Heymann, founder of Heymann Consulting. “I am proud to say that Modula4, the world wide operating long term Canto Partner will take over and get on with my business and products. As Modula4’s core expertise matches the Heymann Consulting services, it is the perfect fit.”

“Heymann has a reputation for useful and well-designed products along with excellent client services,” said Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “We look forward to continuing to support and develop their products and providing their customers with the same quality service they are used to. This transaction also allows Modula4 to offer these products to all Cumulus users, further strengthening our ability to provide complete solutions.”

In the transaction Modula4 has acquired Heymann’s popular line of add-on products for Canto Cumulus including Email Order System Pro, Smart Categories, Smart Filters, Cumulus Importer, Cumulus Exporter and List Search. While Modula4 integrates the Heymann product line with it’s own, brief descriptions of the products can be found in the Products area of the Modula4 site.