DAM Gurus Share Insights in “Guru Talks”

Modula4 partner Picturepark has begun releasing weekly interviews with its guru members. Each interview asks a number of questions that are designed to offer some background on the guru’s expertise, and also shed some light on their challenges and successes. With more than 300 sign-ups to date, this should provide the DAM community with interesting reading for years to come. So far, three interviews have been released: Wendy Walker from Dalet, Mars Roberge from Nomad and, most recently, Matt Shirley from Nordstrom and Disney/Pixar. Visit the Guru Talks page to read them all.

Thanks, as usual, for all your help. It’s so nice to hand things over to you and know that it will be done properly, expertly and with no problems.

Christi Thomsen, Port of Long Beach