Adobe Now Offering More Affordable Enterprise Tablet Publishing Platform

Adobe recently released an entry-level version of its Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) Enterprise Edition at a new lower price. Organizations can now enjoy the power and flexibility of Adobe DPS at a significantly lower cost.

Adobe DPS provides a robust end-to-end publishing solution for creation, distribution, commercialization and analysis of high-value content including traditional magazines and newspapers as well as corporate publications including magazines, annual reports, product guides and retail catalogs consumed on desktops and tablets.

DPS Enterprise supports the most in-demand and advanced capabilities for tablet publishing including private distribution, restricted distribution, integration with subscription databases and advanced analytics. It also offers much greater control over the design of the app interface as well as the storefront for app publications.

Adobe has new Enterprise packages for corporate customers as well. These packages bundle the subscription fee with fulfillments to make the cost of tablet publishing more predictable.

You can learn more about Adobe DPS here.

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