WoodWing Releases Enterprise Version 8

WoodWing has released Version 8 of their flagship multichannel publishing workflow management tool. Version 8 has extended collaboration features, offers content planning enhancements and includes architectural changes for increased performance. The updated architecture also establishes the firm foundation for even quicker development of solutions to address future market-driven requirements.

The new version includes a powerful new annotations feature – something customers had been requesting. When commenting on documents in progress, it’s now possible to approve and reject sticky notes, to give answers to comments, and see an overview of all notes in InDesign or InCopy, all while taking into account the various user roles and access rights.

In Content Station, the Planning Tab helps to start tasks and create dossiers more easily, as issues can now be created across channels. In addition, WoodWing has made the handling of dossiers more comfortable and efficient. With this release, support for inline images has also been added to the multi-channel editor in Content Station.

In addition, it’s now also possible to set up a specific workflow for archive files, such as zip files, as well as for presentations that often follow different routes in the workflow from normal articles. Version 8 supports CS6 and the use of liquid layouts and alternate layouts.

With version 8, WoodWing has made extensive changes to the architecture of its publishing system, ensuring it will meet future publishing industry requirements. New communication protocols JSON and AMF have been added to the core. The overall advantages can already be experienced. For example, the upload and download of large files to Content Station is now up to three times faster.

WoodWing Enterprise Version 8 is available now from Modula4. Contact us for more information.