Try Picturepark DAM Free for 6 Months

Modula4 partner Picturepark announced they are now offering free 6-month Cloud DAM subscriptions to organizations actively seeking DAM solutions. Up to 10 users can participate in the evaluation. The move is intended to offer a more realistic software evaluation experience.

The accounts offered are full Picturepark Cloud subscriptions that enable users to upload and download files, edit metadata, share and publish files with anyone and more. Start-up training and technical support are also offered free of charge. To simplify the experience for users, Modula4 will assign a Picturepark “coach” to handle all questions and requests.

The free accounts are standard Picturepark Cloud accounts, so there will be no change in functionality for organizations who choose to work with Picturepark moving forward. Organizations that purchase Picturepark on-premise licenses can have their Cloud instances migrated to their local hardware.

Visit here to learn more about Picturepark.

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