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Updates to Popular Cumulus Add-ons

Products from Modula4 make Canto’s Cumulus digital asset management system even more powerful and versatile. In this webinar Modula4 demonstrate significant updates to products that enhance Cumulus including the Video Module, Watermark Module and ImageSearch Add-on. See how the latest version of the Video Module lets you offer your videos as downloads in a variety …  Read More >

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Easily Publish to Tablets with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite In this Webinar, Andy Zivic of Adobe will demonstrate Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), the most powerful platform for publishing to iPad/iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android Devices. The demo shows how to add interactivity to InDesign documents, the differences between the Professional and Enterprise platforms, customizing …  Read More >

Multisite in Web Module 3.6

Easily Set-Up, Configure and Maintain Multiple Sites with Web Module 3.6 In this webinar we demonstrate how Modula4′s Web Module 3.6 supports multiple websites through a single intuitive control panel. Provide separate portals for different departments, partners, customers or any group that benefits from having a distinctive site for accessing your DAM system. Creating sites …  Read More >

Setting-up Workflows in Cumulus

Directions for Creating Cumulus Workflows In this webinar, Modula4 goes behind the scenes to show you how to configure Cumulus to support custom workflows. The use of Permissions, Live Filtering, Triggers, the Scheduler and Metadata Templates are demonstrated. Viewing Notes: For the best viewing experience, once the video starts playing switch to “full-screen” mode by clicking …  Read More >

Managing Cumulus Workflows using Advanced Permissions

Create Efficient and Powerful Workflows In this webinar, Modula4 demonstrates how the effective use of Permissions in Cumulus can make your workflow more efficient and your assets more secure. The use of Live Filtering, Triggers, the Scheduler and Metadata Templates for creating workflows is also demonstrated.   Viewing Notes: For the best viewing experience, once the …  Read More >

Tablet Publishing with WoodWing

Getting Started with Publishing to iPad & Android In this webinar Modula4 demonstrates WoodWing Enterprise, a publishing workflow management tool that allows your organization to publish to tablets, as well as print, Web and social media, in a highly efficient and cost effective manner The adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) for app assembly and distribution …  Read More >

Web Module 3.5 for Canto Cumulus

Learn about the exciting new features in Web Module 3.5 In this webinar Modula4 demonstrates Web Module 3.5, an update to its popular Web interface for Canto Cumulus. New features include asset upload, metadata editing, and powerful new sharing and collaboration features. The webinar also features the Web Module Productivity Pack, a option for Web …  Read More >

Image-Based Searching and Sorting in Cumulus

Image-based Searching and Sorting in Cumulus View this webinar to learn how to find images in Cumulus more quickly and easily. In this webinar Modula4 demonstrates ImageSorter and Image Search, add-on products for Canto Cumulus that let you find images based on visual content such as color, brightness, saturation and shapes. ZoomA, the fastest way …  Read More >

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“What a great experience we had with your integrator. His professionalism and expertise made the installation and setup of our system extremely fast and easy.”

Galen Harrison, Washington University of St. Louis