WoodWing Enterprise 9 Redefines Multichannel Publishing

Modula4 partner WoodWing Software recently released the version 9 of its multichannel publishing system Enterprise, including the editorial management application Content Station.

Apart from many changes under the hood, the new user interface of Content Station 9 maximizes the simplicity of multichannel publishing. The new user interface allows to see channel specific views with all content and metadata for that channel at any point in the process. Without any effort, users can easily share or duplicate content on component level. It’s now possible to have separate workflows per channel within a dossier in a fully transparent manner. The integration with channel-specific publishing systems like WebCMS and social media channels is much tighter, allowing a new level of efficiency. The enhanced plug-in architecture makes it even easier to add additional digital publication channels. Editors, designers and managers benefit from the single log-on for all digital channels.

The all new Publish Manager App in Content Station gives a complete overview of the publishing status across the various channels and enables instant control to approve or publish many dossiers at once.

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