Modula4 Partners with Netx

Modula4 is now partners with Netx, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform developer. Modula4 will resell their product, also named Netx, and provide services, customizations and integrations for it.

Netx is an enterprise-class system that offers a variety of deployment options. The options include using it as a cloud service in Netx’s own secure hosting environment, in third-party clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure, or on-premise. Hybrid solutions, combining on-premise asset management and cloud distribution is also available.

NetX is based on open standards, with the ability to integrate into a wide variety of technology environments. It deploys on virtually all platforms (Windows, Linus & Mac), works with major databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and Postgres), most popular applications servers and authenticates with LDAP directory services such as Active Directory. For additional flexibility, you can choose from a wide variety of image and video processing engines to meet specialized needs.

To learn more visit the Netx  product page or contact Modula4 to schedule a demo.