Modula4 Now Offering Solution for Managing Marketing Collateral

Modula4 is pleased to announce that it is now offering the 1publish system which allows teams to easily collaborate on creating and updating marketing material. Developed by 2imagine of Belgium, the browser-based document editing interface of 1publish allows teams to collaborate on marketing material, catalogs and virtually any type of documents for print or electronic distribution, This template-based system allows marketing staff without any graphics training to change text and graphics within layouts created by your design team with the full creative range offered by Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

“1publish fulfills a request we often get for a system that makes it easy for marketing staff to create new collateral without requiring they have InDesign or become design experts,” says Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “It’s the ideal solution for marketing organizations that want to rapidly create new collateral while maintaining brand consistency.”

With 1publish designers can create templates using InDesign or Illustrator. Other staff members can then create and edit the documents online in the browser via an intuitive interface. 1publish also offers workflow and approval tools to insure that writing style, messaging and branding remains consistent is all marketing collateral.

With its deep and extensive APIs, 1publish easily integrates with popular Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs) such as Canto Cumulus and Picturepark. When used with these system, images can be retrieved from the DAM directly into the 1publish interface, placed in the documents and the newly created documents can be cataloged back into the DAM.

1publish is also an ideal solution for organizations that require their marketing material be translated into multiple language. Translators can be given access to the material through a simple interface to replace text and format it if needed.

1publish is available as both a hosted “cloud” solution and as a system installed onsite.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Modula4 in bringing 1publish to a wider audience,” says 2imagine CEO Jos Claes. “Their expertise in providing workflow and digital asset management solutions and experience in a wide range of vertical markets make them an ideal organization to offer 1publish.”

Modula4 is offering 1publish through its Berlin, Germany and San Francisco Bay Area offices.

For more information on 1publish and to see a video demonstration visit here.

To attend a webinar demonstrating the 1publish system register here.