Canto, Partners Meet in Berlin

Modula4 took part in Canto’s annual partner meeting in Berlin on June 23 and 24.. Canto partners from around the world gathered for two days of meetings, presentations and socializing. On the first day, Canto reviewed recent developments, including the hiring of several new staff members, improvements to the organizational structure and the release of Cumulus 9.0 and Cumulus 9.1. Looking ahead, Canto gave presentations on the on-going development of Cumulus and the introduction of Flight, their new hosted file storage and sharing service.

The next day, Modula4 organized a series of sessions where Canto Partners showed Canto and each other their new and updated products that add functionality to Cumulus and highlighted significant case studies. Michael Gellner, CTO of Modula4, served as host and ringmaster. Among the presenters, Glenn Lawrence of Aimtec demonstrated the new, easier to use set-up tools in their ZoomA product. (ZoomA provides fast, deep zooming of images and documents in Cumulus, and is distributed by Modula4 in North America.) Modula4 presented it’s new Amazon S3 Connector for Cumulus and previewed several significant product updates that will be released in the next coming months.