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Modula4 provides digital asset management and publishing workflow solutions.

We help clients in a variety of fields including retail, media & entertainment, marketing and publishing.

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Canto, Partners Meet in Berlin

Modula4 took part in Canto’s annual partner meeting in Berlin on June 23 and 24.. Canto partners from around the world gathered for two days … Read more >

Canto Introduces Flight; Cloud-based File Storage and Sharing

Canto recently announced Flight, a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that lets business users easily share and store files. Flight provides simple, easy-to-use tools … Read more >

Try Picturepark DAM Free for 6 Months

Modula4 partner Picturepark announced they are now offering free 6-month Cloud DAM subscriptions to organizations actively seeking DAM solutions. Up to 10 users can participate … Read more >

Video of Benefit Cosmetics – Amazon S3 Connector for Cumulus Webinar Now Available

The video of the webinar “How Benefit Cosmetics Delivers Files Faster Using Amazon S3 Connector for Cumulus” is now available for online viewing. No registration … Read more >

Recent Webinars

How Benefit Cosmetics Delivers Files Faster Using Amazon S3 Connector for Cumulus


Benefit Cosmetics, a global manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics needed a fast, secure and efficient way to deliver marketing and sales material, including large point … Read more >

Beyond ROI: Getting Management to Approve Your DAM

Beyond ROI

It’s a common story: You need a digital asset management (DAM) system but are having a hard time convincing “the people who write the checks” … Read more >